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New Patient Functional Nutrition Intake, Lab Assessment & Interpretation, Deep dive investigation to identify the root causes.

Identify physiological challenges and barriers that are preventing patients from healing by testing urine, blood, hair & saliva.

Provide the the correct food, herbs, homeopathy, and carbon technology solutions to remove the barriers and support patient recovery.

Celebrate patient wins no matter how small or how large. The Functional Nutrition initial intake sets both you and your patient up for success. A Re-exam confirms it.

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I thoroughly appreciate the Functional Blood Chemistry seminar manual with all the references the most! The seminar was incredibly beneficial to quickly identify physiological imbalances. I look forward to using this knowledge in my practice.
pregnancy, baby belly, woman-5098881.jpg
Megan B.
Silverton, OR
The I liked the inter organ relationship info in the Nutritional Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World presentation the most. Gerald is an amazing assett to the healing community. His information opened my eyes to the possibilities with my difficult patients. I highly recommend his coursework.
Richard R.
Chandler, AZ
I appreciate the enormous amount of information and all of high quality. This is the best presentation I have heard in awhile and I have been to many of them. Thank you for all of your hardwork and research to help me help others.
Michael, W.
Ruidoso, NM
I like the amount of information. Gerald was very thorough with the explanations and answers all questions. The Functional Blood Chemistry course is well organized and very informative.
Tina K.
Vancouver, WA
Fabulous seminar in New York. Thank you for inspiring me and all of my practitioners. Thank you for your excellence and your integrity! Your information, passion and delivery of your well constructed presentation remind me of Dr. Dobbins! Thank you so much.
Lisa M.
Queens, NY
Your Thyroid Solutions seminar was excellent! I am impressed by the knowledge and delivery. I can honestly say this is the first CE seminar where I feel like the content matched the number of hours. Each one was filled with valuable information that is clinically relevant.
Brian C.
Franklin, TN

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Studying the research and understanding first do no harm.

Functional Blood Chemistry

Learn the essentials to a Functional Blood Chemistry labwork to identify stress in physiology.

Nutritional Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World

Learn the essentials to a Functional Nutrition intake, Pharmacology and Drug Induced nutrient depletion.

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My confidence in my practice has grown immensely with Gerald's help. Through this mentorship, I have expanded my knowledge base regarding food, herbs and lab testing to use for more precise and effective treatment of patients. My patient outcomes have improved and my practice has grown as a result. I highly recommend him, our colleagues, and everyone on The Healing Body team so that others may benefit from all that we have to share.
Melinda Wong, LAc
Mesa, AZ

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