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Functional Blood Chemistry

Learn the essentials to a Functional Blood Chemistry labwork to identify stress in physiology.


Nutritional Solutions for a Vaccinated World

Studying the research and understanding first do no harm.


Nutritional Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World

The body rebuilds from genuine replacement building blocks from food and herbs. Drugs suppress symptoms, at best.


Purification Solutions for a Polluted World

Learn the essentials to supporting heavy metal & chemical elimination in patients exposed to environmental toxins.


Nutritional Solutions for a Thyroid Fatigued World

Learn how to support thyroid balance naturally and the role of the liver and adrenals.


The Pharmaceutical Myth | Practitioner Resources

The best patient education tool. This book saves you time and educates patients how to do their part on their health journey.

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My confidence in my practice has grown immensely with Gerald's help. Through this mentorship, I have expanded my knowledge base regarding food, herbs and lab testing to use for more precise and effective treatment of patients. My patient outcomes have improved and my practice has grown as a result. I highly recommend him, our colleagues, and everyone on The Healing Body team so that others may benefit from all that we have to share.
Melinda Wong, LAc
Mesa, AZ
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