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What Other Colleagues Have to Say

This book is an excellent educational tool that saves me time and enables my patients to gain a better understanding how Functional Nutrition improves one's health and how pharmaceuticals portentially cause harm. My patients find it's an easy read and are so glad that a former pharma insider tells all.
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James W.
Tampa, Fl
I love how Gerald explains how he uses it in his clinic and how he documents after a patient has completed a specific chapter in his SOAP notes. It is so clear and simple how to use this book as a powerful tool to empower my patients. Every new patient gets a copy.
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Lauren K.
Seattle, WA
The stories of real patients getting positive results has motivated my patients to remain on their Functional Nutrition program. The explanations on why our bodies make cholesterol is a chapter every patient reads when they tell me their cholesterol is high.
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Mindy P.
Columbus, OH
I love how the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, Royal Lee, Francis Pottenger Jr. are summarized for my patients to better understand why we recommend specific whole food formulas that contain vegetables and organ extracts. So key to healing.
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Doug M.
San Diego, CA

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