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At The Healing Body Institute, we offer a range of course offerings from Workshops and Bootcamps. We’re here to help you decide on the best fit for your goals. We recommend you start Nutritional Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World if you are new to Functional Nutrition.

All of our courses are online with guided assignments to help you stay on track. Plus, you’ll have access to course materials for several months so you can digest at your own pace.

Yes. We mentor practitioners 1 on 1.

If you would like to schedule a case consultation for support with a challenging patient or would like 1 on 1 business mentoring to grow your Functional Nutrition practice, you may book an Initial Practitioner Assessment session with Gerald HERE.

Gerald is the practitioner’s practitioner virtually all over the United States. He will be opening up to other countries in 2024. You may book your virtual Initial Consult HERE to start improving your health today. 

We are part of a community known as the Underground (Railroad) Wellness community. We believe in medical freedom. Natural medicine. Not alternative. Schools operate within the matrix to ensure more colleagues can get licensed and find deeper answers with precise solutions. As we now know. The real learning starts after graduation.

The simple answer is ‘not enough’. We each have more to learn. When we know more, we can help more people.  As we continue to grow, we train our associates what we know so they can continue to help even more people than we ever did. Always remember, ‘A teacher affects eternity. No one knows where their influence stops.’ 

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