Purification Solutions for a Polluted World

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The modern-day human is exposed to exponentially more physiogical stressors than ever before—from environmental toxins, GMOs and pesticides, to toxins produced by our very own body. Chronic headaches, extreme fatigue, weight gain, and skin issues are just a few symptoms that can result from the body’s reduced ability to handle stress.

The goal of the course is to educate health practitioners on the crucial role of detoxification in the healing process and provide clinicians with the tools needed to promote healthy change. Clinical Purification is a fully customizable, nutritional approach to responsibly supporting and nourishing the organs and glands involved in healthy detoxification.

Learn the essentials to Detoxification and Purification. Chemicals and heavy metals, when left unchecked can wreak havoc on the vital organs and the nervous system. This course will delve deep into the known health challenges caused by many environmental toxins that enter via our food, water, air and skin.

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