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Functional Blood Chemistry The Healing Body

What Other Colleagues Have to Say

We run a Functional Blood Chemistry panel on every patient now! This tool and the Functional Blood Chemistry online course has been pivotal to us being confident in how we intrepret and how we make recommendations..
James H.
Austin, TX
The patient handouts assist us with explaining to patients why their medical doctors say their bloodwork is normal, but they still feel unwell. Parents totally get it when you show it to them and explain it to them.
Sue W.
Portland, OR
We focus on physiology and not pathalogy and we have uncovered so many things that the conventional medical professional has missed. The trainings and tools have enabled us to inspire our patients to become thier own health advocates and we are there to support them with comprehensive testing options.
Jeana P.
Boise, ID
It's amazing to see patients request their primary care physician order our exact same labs, they agree to it and then don't follow through. These tools have further cemented our patients trust in us because we are able to implement western medicine testing menthods and apply timeless healing modalities to address what we find.
Rick M.
Memphis, TN

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