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What Other Colleagues Have to Say

This tool is an excellent educational tool that helps open the eyes of my patients to gain a better understanding of how vaccines side effects develop. Vaccines are known to potentially cause harm. Parents totally get it when you show it to them.
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Jon H
Kansas City, MO
The color coding of the different types of toxins is powerful. People get it when I discuss peanut allergies along with all the other food antigens in these injections. All parents are looking for answers on why their children cannot eat the foods they can. This tool shines a light that no one can ignor.
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Nikki M
Vancouver, WA
I live in a state where jabs are mandated for kids are not homeschooled. I take this worksheet with me to educators and inform them that this state's draconian laws are setting our kids up for learning difficulties and poor health. With knowledge, we can save more kids.
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Laura T.
Carlsbad, CA
I highlight the toxin, connect to a child's health issue and explain why I'm recommending specific foods, herbs or formulas with carbon technology. Parents must always know the why and Gerald has given us the tool to gently, yet confidently educate with well researched information.
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Dave H.
Fort Myers, Fl

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