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My name is Gerald and I love Standard Process, Mediherb and Cellcore products. I am on a mission to help as many people be healthy and happy.

Here at the The Healing Body Institute, we are a growing resource to many of the world’s natural health practitioners who implement Functional Nutrition. We are a premiere educators on the Standard Process, MediHerb and Cellcore formulas.

We provide the following:
1. Clinical Training. View our online courses.
2. Practitioner 1 on 1 Consulting sessions. Book a session HERE.
3. Personalized Health programs for clinicians. Book an Initial Consultation HERE

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Keep up the amazing work. The world needs you!

Gerald Roliz, CNC, MBA, MSACN

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We help cultivate practitioners. Watch this interview with Dr. Tootoonchi, DC.

We have supported many clinicians on their own personal health journey

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