Functional Blood Chemistry

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It is our experience that most people who seek medical care do not have a clinically identifiable disease. As a result they are told by their medical doctor that they have an “unremarkable” or “normal” laboratory test, i.e. they are “clinically” normal. They may be normal compared to the rest of the sick population, but they are a long way from being in a state of optimal health.

Your patients may be coming in to see you with bloodwork in which their medical doctors claimed they are “normal”. Even worse, because they found no abberrant lab values, the patient’s symptoms are “normal” or “all in their head” if no diagnosis and subsequent drug prescription is given.

Natural health practitioners use Functional (aka Optimal) Ranges and not the Conventional (aka Pathological) Ranges. Learn the essentials to a Functional Blood Chemistry, Pharmacology and incorporating the use of labwork to identify stress in physiology before it develops into pathology. 

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