Confession of an Ex Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

UW Radio #327

He had an unlimited expense account.

Or as his manager would say, “Spend until I tell you to stop.”

He drove a company car — gas and insurance paid for. Dined at the finest restaurants. Made his own work schedule. And maybe saw his manager once a month.

He earned a “comfortable” income. By society standards, he was free.

But Gerald Roliz was a drug dealer. Not the illicit kind that will land you behind bars, but selective serotonin repute inhibitors (SSRIs) and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

In his words, he “bought out” doctors, using fear, pressure, spin selling, and pricey dinners to win their prescriptions. Prescriptions for the drugs he sold. Prescribed to real people, many of whom would learn to live with their side effects.

After five years of wining, dining, and closing sales, Gerald walked away.

What happened during those five years (as well as what has happened since) is both a troubling and inspiring story of a fractured health care model and one man’s integrity.

In an episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Gerald Roliz, author of The Pharmaceutical Myth, tells his deeply personal story of what really happens behind the scenes at many medical offices, how drug reps influence prescribing behaviors, and why he decided to give it all up to become a holistic healer.

I loved this episode. And so will you.

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