The Pharmaceutical Myth | Practitioner Resources

Course Description With any purchase of the books by a natural healthcare provider, you will recieve this mini course demonstrating how to use this invaluable book to educate existing patients and keep them successful on their Functional Nutrition program.

Nutritional Solutions for a Thyroid Fatigued World

Course Description Removal of the thyroid gland or placing patients on synthetic hormone replacement therapy fixes nothing. This course delves into the nutritional effects of thyroid health and enables the clinician to restore HPTL (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid, Liver) axis balance naturally. Seminar highlights include:

Nutritional Solutions for a Vaccinated World

Course Description Develop an understanding of the impact of vaccines, their adjuvants & environmental toxins on the human body. Unravel the ‘safe and effective’ myth while exposing the cause and solutions to many of today’s childhood chronic illnesses Key concepts covered include: More to come…

Functional Blood Chemistry

Course Description It is our experience that most people who seek medical care do not have a clinically identifiable disease. As a result they are told by their medical doctor that they have an “unremarkable” or “normal” laboratory test, i.e. they are “clinically” normal. They may be normal compared to the rest of the sick …

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